How to Get Back on Track After Messing Up Your Posting Schedule

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No matter how hard you try to keep up with social media and blogging, sometimes life will just get in the way. What should you do when you miss a day or two of posting or even worse a week or two? Here is how to get back on track after messing up your postings schedule for your blog or social media.

Do you know why you messed up your schedule? Are you burnt out and stressed, busy, or just being lazy? You need to try your best to commit to your readers. You may need to adjust your strategy in a way that will work for you going forward. Perhaps you should start working in batches on the weekend instead of attempting to post daily without anything planned ahead of time. You also might want to invest in a planner:

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner, Smart Blog Planner, EPIC BLOG: One Year Editorial Planner, or Michael’s Recollections Planner

Look at your notes
Get in the mood to write. Put some focus music on from Spotify if that’s your thing. Take a look at your editorial calendar or whatever notes you have for your blog. If you don’t have anything, do a brain dump in a Google doc and see where that takes you.

Headline analyzers
If your main problem is you don’t know what to write about, try a headline analyzer or and get some ideas flowing. Some won’t apply but others will.

Create an outline for your post so you don’t just ramble on and on. Have an idea where you are going with the post. It will have better readability if you outline it first.

Get writing. It’s okay to write a “shitty first draft.” You will have to edit it before posting anyway.

Post or get it scheduled.

Social Media
Promote on social media. Consider getting
Tailwind for Pinterest as this will probably help you gain traffic.

No matter how hard you try to keep up with social media and blogging, sometimes life will just get in the way. With these steps, you can get back on track after messing up your postings schedule.

Have you ever messed up your posting schedule? Let me know in the comments below. 

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