Signs Blogging Might Be For You

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There are signs that blogging is for you. Here are a few.

You love to write. It doesn’t matter what subject your blog is on, it's going to require writing. If you hate writing then blogging may not be a good choice for you because you simply won’t keep up with it. You’ll be able to write more conversationally than a college paper, but it is still writing.

You’re motivated. You won’t have a boss making you write. You are your own boss. This can be a blessing or a curse. Deadlines are there for a reason. You’ll need to get better at time management. I am still personally working on this.

You love to learn. Blogging is more than just writing. You need to keep up with trends in an ever-changing industry. You’ll have to learn about blogging, you’ll need to know SEO, and you will need to master social media.

You have something to share with the world. A blog will need to be about something, although it really could be anything. It should be something you are at least somewhat passionate about even if money is the primary facto going into it. You need to learn how to teach your readers. There’s plenty of room for what you have to say on the internet.

You are willing to make time. You may be very excited about your blog now, but if you have a job and family responsibilities it may sometimes get in the way. You have to be willing to set aside time for your blog and make it happen.

You are willing to make mistakes. You’ll learn from them. If you wait for perfection you’ll never start. You’ll have to adjust and redo things from time to time. That’s totally normal.

You are willing to at least start for free. It takes a long time to make money blogging. There will be long days and nights and it’ll seem like you aren't writing for anyone but your friends and your Mom. But you need to keep going.

With these signs, you’ll know that blogging is for you. You’ll want to keep researching but don’t forget to actually start blogging. It is the best way to learn.

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