Some People Excel at Blogging and Some Don't. Which One Are You?

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So you want to start a blog? Are you wondering what you’ll have to do to succeed? Some people excel at blogging and some don’t. Here’s how to make sure you do.

Be Consistent
Being consistent is really important and this is where the majority of people will fail. You need to show up at least once a week. Any less than that and you won’t be successful. Some people blog every day. At the very least, you need to be writing daily, even if you don’t post everything you write. You wouldn’t be able to take a month off from a job without prior notice and a lot of seniority. The same is true for your blog and freelance writing career.

Time Management
It can be hard to find the time. So most people find success with batching tasks. Multitasking is very distracting and doesn’t actually save you time. You also will find success to keep a planner. Here are a few to try:

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner, Smart Blog Planner, EPIC BLOG: One Year Editorial Planner, or Michael’s Recollections Planner

You might doubt your abilities from time to time. That is normal. I’m not a super confident person. The best thing to do is put yourself out there. You are capable. Keep a positive mindset and it will take you far. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Blogging and writing is a lot of work. Sometimes you might get lazy about it. You have to stay motivated. Remind yourself of your “why”. Why are you doing this? Is it to earn passive income and change your life? I mean that is pretty motivating if you ask me. Browse Pinterest and stay inspired. Read some income reports. That should help!

A Morning Routine
A morning routine is important. I try to get up around 5am every morning and get some writing in. This can get a little shaken up when school is in session. I still have a morning routine, but might not hit the computer with free time until later. I try to write my blog posts for the week on the weekend, so I don’t have a ton of writing to do when I have class.


Organize Your Space
Working in a clean space will help. My desk is a wreck right now and it's pretty distracting. I should probably clean it today! A nice workspace will make you want to use it. You’ll be ready to get started right from the time you sit down. I personally need to work on this too!

Switch it Up
Sometimes you need to change routines and you need to work somewhere away from home to get a fresh start. Sometimes I like to work in the library at school. I find I get a lot more done just because it’s a different atmosphere. So if you’re stuck, try switching it up at the public library or maybe a coffee shop.

Reward Yourself
You work really hard on your business and while most of your income should go back into your business, you also need to reward yourself sometimes. Get the shirt, get the purse, etc. Reward achievement.

Eliminate Perfection
Sometimes the perfection thing can keep you from getting anything done. Don’t stress about every little thing. It’s not going to be perfect, just get started. A finished product is better than an unattainable perfect one.

Conquer Your Fears
Fear can be blocking your path to success. You might be afraid of what people will think if you put yourself out there and build a website and sell services. Well, what they think doesn’t matter. Do you. Conquer your fear and get the job done. Those people aren’t paying your bills.

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