Strategic Ways to Make Money With Your E-mail List

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You might have heard that to make money blogging you should have an email list from the very start. That is true!  You might think it’s not important while you are growing your audience, but it honestly couldn’t be more important. As people discover you they need a way to stay in touch. In the very beginning, you might be getting your feet wet blogging, but you want to have a list by the time you create your first product or try to monetize in some other way.

The things you should focus on first:

Create awesome content upgrades!

You want to give people a reason to want to jump onto your list. “Join our newsletter” isn’t going to cut it anymore and if you have done any blogging research you should know that by now. Yes, GDPR has made things a little difficult but you can still have freebies available, you just have to give the option for them to skip joining your list. Right now I’m offering a freebie of 100+ Facebook groups and their promo schedules for signing up to my list.

Give tons of value before selling.

I try to give a lot of information away for free on my blog. That is the best way to build trust with your audience and let them know that you actually know what you are talking about. This includes my Make Money Now Freelance Writing Ebook.

Get a professional email address for your blog.

If you ever need to reach me for business purposes, my email is This is very important! You shouldn’t have a free Gmail address for people to get in touch with you via your website, and for my email service provider, you can’t even use a free Gmail address to send emails through them. A great way to get a domain email is through G Suite.

Once you get that stuff out of the way, you can monetize your list in the following ways:

Promote affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is awesome! Just make sure you don’t use affiliates for Amazon via email because their program doesn’t allow it. Make sure you verify you can use your link in an email campaign.

Have a tripwire offer.

When you offer freebies you should have the person end up on a tripwire which is a low-cost product you offer right off the bat. This could be something like a cheap ebook. Right now I’m working on a second ebook as a tripwire offer. This can build confidence in the buyer to purchase a course or something else from you down the road. It also can segment your list into people who are willing to purchase from you.

Offer a Service.

I offer a services page on my blog. If you think about it, as a blogger there are a lot of things you already know how to do, freelance writing being a big one. There are other things too like social media management and designing pins, as examples. When people are first starting out, services is a great way to create a portfolio and make money before you start earning more passively through your website.

Do a webinar.

You can have people sign up for a webinar to join your list. I think webinars were really huge when people first started doing them but now people are kind of expecting to be sold something at the end, and they may have had a poor experience with webinars in the past. You may find success with them though.

Create a sales funnel.

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is I highly suggest you research it. It is basically a path you have your reader take via email from free offer to paid product. This is how a lot of bloggers make passive income, although it can be a decent amount of work up front. You’ll probably be tweaking your sales funnel for quite a while before you get it just right.

There are definitely strategic ways to make money with your email list. I use MailerLite for my list because it is free in the beginning and has great automation features. I know everyone says you need ConvertKit but you don’t need to pay that much for an email list right out of the gate in my opinion. What is key is that you are building your list from the very beginning and using it to monetize your blog.

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