What Do You Do When You Just Don't Have Time For Blogging?

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What do you do when you are pressed for time and starting to blog for your business? You might be working full time and freelancing on the side. You could be a stay at home Mom who doesn’t want to go back to work. You could be a college student (like me!) and you might just be so busy you don’t know how to get it all done. You don’t have enough time and as much as you’d like to pretend otherwise, you can’t keep up with it all and it’s starting to take its toll.

Which really sucks because you love your work but you have to be there for your family first and foremost. So how do you make more time?

Consider using social media scheduling. You might not want to invest in your blog until you are making income from it, but this is not the mindset to have. You at the very least need Tailwind to schedule Pinterest. There are free plans of things like Buffer, Hootsuite, Recurpost, and Planoly that can make up for the rest of it, but investing in Tailwind is key because Pinterest is going to bring so much traffic to your blog and I know you can’t manually pin all day- I can’t.

You might be interested in looking into things like Zapier and IFTTT. Creating email sequences with Mailerlite is also helpful, so your email list will be getting content without you constantly having to write for them.

Reuse Your Content
If you can, you really need to be writing every day, whether or not you are using the content right away. This might mean getting up early or staying up late. If you absolutely can’t do that, then you need to have one day a week where you are batching content and creating a lot of it. Then, when you need something to post you have a framework of something to use. Keep track of all the content you write, that way when you’re struggling for inspiration you can go back through and use the content again as is or update and refresh it.

Repurpose Your Content
If you are creating courses, freebies, videos, and random PDFs, can you package this up as a blog post or make a tweet? Think about how to use what you have already shared with your audience but in a different way. Do you have several worksheets on the same topic that you could put together and create an eBook with or a mini-course?

Automation, reusing, and repurposing will save your ass time and time again if you are super busy! The best thing to do is to have at least one batch day where you can get all this stuff together and use it for the week. I was posting pretty much every day all summer and to try and stay consistent my weekends are going to be full of homework and writing.

What are you doing to make time for your blog and business? Let me know in the comments below. 

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