The 6 Biggest Blogging Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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Expecting huge results in a short time frame.
It takes time to grow an audience and there is so much new content that is being published every day. It can be hard to stick out in the crowd. Show consistency, just keep showing up, and keep sharing your content. If your content is really good, you will eventually get noticed but it's not going to happen overnight.

Being afraid to talk about your blog.
You might want to keep your blog to yourself until you finish this or that. Your blog is new and if you are upfront about that it’s okay. It’s better to get the content out there than to make sure everything is perfect. You might never be satisfied with it. Just make sure it doesn’t completely suck and get it posted.

Being afraid to finish a post.
This connects to the point above. You need to make sure you are sticking to a posting schedule at least most of the time. Don’t worry about making your post include every single thing under the sun. Make it concise but long enough to be helpful and get it published. Blogging isn’t perfect.

Thinking your job is finished after publishing.
Not only do you need to write content but you need to market it. Even famous bloggers still promote their posts and their writing. No one is going to find you if you don’t market yourself. Study social media and get used to it.

Thinking your blog is about you.
It’s good to intertwine personal stories into your writing, however, your blog is not a diary, it is not about you. Your blog is you teaching your audience how to solve their problems and how to help them. If you keep going on about your life people will probably be bored to tears. What’s the point? Answer that question.

Thinking blog success is all about writing content.
Not only do you have to market your content but you need to create graphics and post on social media and study algorithms and everything else. There is so much more to blogging than just writing content.

Thinking blogging is a one-way street.
Your blogging should be creating content for your audience, so when they connect with you, respond. Answer comments and questions. Be there for your readers and they will be there for you.

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