Ways to Get Serious About Blogging

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Are you a blogger or creative business owner? If so you may be interested in creating passive income. This can come in the form of courses or ebooks. But how do you go about doing that when you are so busy in the day? You might have client work on top of blog posting and social media scheduling as well as personal time. Here is how to plan your week so you can work on your passion project and create important content as a blogger.

  1. Take stock of all open tasks and goals. Get out your planner. List all the tasks, projects, and goals that are still open and half done. Don’t start new things when you already have a full plate of half done projects. Set a timer and write for ten minutes if you feel that will help.  Do a brain dump.

  2. Identify the goals with the highest impact. Whatever item you choose will be your focus for the next 30 days.

  3. Break down your goal or project into small digestible tasks that you can complete within your timeframe. Break down things in steps. Say you wanted to write an ebook, you’ll write a chapter each day, instead of just writing down “write an ebook” and that’s it.

  4. Review weekly and make this non-negotiable. Pick a day at the end of the week and go over everything you completed that week. If there is anything you didn’t have time to finish, it goes on the timeline for the next week.

By doing this, you never let incomplete tasks stay unfinished. You know what you need to work on each week. You build on completing goals that matter to you. Consider what is working for you and what isn’t. You might even realize you need to focus on another project first. Make that decision and then stick with it for the long haul and get things done in your business.

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