Ways to Overcome Procrastination When You Work From Home

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I wish I could tell you there was an easy way to get rid of procrastination when working from home. It’s so easy to do other things instead that just get in the way of productivity. Eventually, you got nothing done but you feel tired because you actually were doing things, you just weren’t “working.” I hate doing dishes but sometimes I will do them before I get started on something that is actually important. Some things to keep in mind are:

1. Be self-aware.

You need to be aware of why you are doing this. When during your creative work are you procrastinating instead of working? Is there something that holds you back? Do you love writing but feel uncomfortable filming video? Do you hate making pins for Pinterest? Or is it some other part of your personal life or business?

Also, figure out if you are trying to work during the wrong part of your day. If I have a task I need to do in the evening it never gets done until the next morning. I am a morning person and can’t seem to change it but that’s okay, I just work in the am instead, usually getting up at five.

Ask questions of yourself such as those above, and be honest with yourself. Procrastination can be costing you money.

2. Get rid of the fear of failing or succeeding.

You might be afraid of failing, or imposter syndrome, and just think you aren’t good enough. Are you afraid of success? Fear is a natural reaction to uncertainty and you can have plenty of that as a blogger or freelance writer.

Being afraid doesn’t say anything about you. Stop making perceived future failings or success get in the way.

3. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Having to have everything perfect can hinder your success. The best course of action is to simply put yourself out there and see what you are capable of.

It can also keep you stuck. You just keep reworking the same things over and over again.

The thing to remember is you need to get things done and can’t stall them forever. It gets to the point where instead of getting something perfect, you need to simply get it finished.

You should think about how procrastination affects your productivity in your business. You are good enough and you shouldn’t fear any success you may find. Realize that sometimes it’s best to get something out in the world even if it isn’t perfection.

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