Ways to Start a Business With No Money

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It may be tempting to be an entrepreneur. You want to live and work by your own rules and be your own boss. Working from home sounds like a dream! However, you might not have the money to start your own business or want to commit to taking out a loan. Here are some ways to start your own business with minimal startup costs. 

  1. Sell products on a free platform like Facebook Marketplace and yard sale groups. You can start with items you already have hanging around the house, and then invest the funds you make back into your business (or into a totally different business model). 
  2. Content marketing can be done for free. Utilize all platforms of social media. You’ll want to master at least two. Engage with your following and watch your reach grow. You can also follow or search certain hashtags to look for freelance gigs in your niche. 
  3. Take advantage of free trials. You can use Squarespace free for two weeks and design a website for your business. It’s not necessarily as easy to customize as WordPress but it will create a beautiful site if you are not tech savvy. Are you looking to start a blog? Make sure you buy a domain and go self-hosted. Get with Bluehost, HostGator, or Squarespace.
  4. Consider drop shipping. There are people that make a lot of money with this. You post an item for sale, and when an order is placed you order the item wholesale and have it shipped. 
  5. Crowd-sourcing can help you make money for your dream business. You can choose something like Kickstarter or Patreon. 
  6. Presell. If you are a creative entrepreneur and sell things like courses from your blog, you can do a webinar and pitch your product before you even create it to gauge your audience. 
  7. Freelance. Make an account on Upwork.com or Guru.com. You may not make a lot of money at first but once you build up your portfolio you can get higher paying gigs. 

There are lots of ways you can start a business with very little startup costs. You will eventually want to invest in your business if you are going to take it seriously, but the best thing you can do is just start. If you are spending all your time researching, just bite the bullet and begin. 

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