Welcome to Get Started Blogging  Day 4!

Getting Started Blogging Day 4: How to earn an income blogging. 

You might be interested in how to actually make money from a blog. I’m going to discuss that in this email.

If you are interested in starting a blog of your own, I created a tutorial that will help you, How to Start a Blog. If you are asking yourself “Can you seriously make money blogging?” My main tip is to be self-hosted. This is essential if you want to monetize your blog. It also makes you look more professional to companies you will partner with. Blogging income won’t happen unless you are self-hosted. You can pick from any of these links: Bluehost, HostGator, or SiteGround.

Below are common questions about making money blogging.

How do you make blogging income?

There are a few ways.

  • Affiliate marketing: Someone clicks on links for products you promote and you get a commission.
  • Ads, such as Google Adsense pay for clicks.
  • Offering services from your blog such as freelance writing or SEO.
  • Selling your own courses and products.

You usually get paid via check or through PayPal.

Can you make money as a new blogger?

Yes, absolutely.

Just because there are other blogs out there with the same topic doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you. The key is to do it more in-depth or better than what you are already seeing online. There are tons of people on Pinterest or searching on Google every day. Your blog can be a part of that. Especially with affiliate marketing, you can make money even with a small audience.

How long does it take to start making money blogging?

Most people say it takes about a year. I’ve made thousands from offering services as a freelance writer in the past three years and it helps to have a blog I can show potential clients. But making passive income off your blog can take time. There are lots of income reports online making thousands of dollars per month, and who knows you could eventually get to that point if you stick with it!

Can a blogger make money writing for others?

Lastly, your blog can also be used as a platform for other projects. You can consider guest posting on blogs for pay or kicking off a freelance writing business. You could also manage social media. There are all kinds of things you can do because you started a blog.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson with tips on how to make passive income.

Jessie Tyler of www.jessietyler.com