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“I have been the manager of Bae Daily, a news and entertainment website, since January [2017] . Right at the beginning, I hired Jessie Tyler. Jessie has been a strong, eager writer on our team since she started. Over the course of her employment, she has turned out a myriad of well written, thoughtful articles and has been enthusiastic about the project, taking on the maximum workload that we were able to assign.

Along with this exemplary work ethic, she has shown professionalism and a keen eye for detail, making few, if any mistakes, during these past 12 months. She is also pleasant to work with, which is a bonus to go along with good technical skill.

I would definitely recommend her to a freelance writing position.” -Jonathan Lee,  Bae Daily

"As one of Jessie's clients, I found her exceedingly professional and eager for any project. Her work was always to spec. and she was communicative throughout the production process and always willing to make adjustments when necessary to suit our needs. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again."- Adam Farley, Content Director, ShamrockCraic /

“Jessie is an obvious authority in the houseplant space. She was able to suggest dozens of topic ideas and quickly completed detailed, thorough and very readable articles for publication. Her communication was quick and efficient and has been a pleasure to work with.” James Penn, Rural Sprout

“I have only worked with Jessie for a few months, but she has already impressed with the quality and detail of the content she provides. She is an outstanding writer with great communication skills. She is prompt, and she responds well to receiving feedback. If you are in need of an outstanding writer, Jessie can get the job done efficiently and effectively." -Shaquille Gould

"Jessie is a very excellent writer. She has outstanding communication skills, understood the scope and needs of my specific project, and delivered on-time. She wasn't afraid to take on new challenges and responded positively to feedback. If you're looking for a reliable writer, look no further." -Nash Cook

"I was so fortunate to hire Jessie for copywriting work for, I must say her work separates her from rest of the crowd. All I can say Jessie is all in one solution when it comes to copywriting, she handles all projects very seriously and put her best into every project. I would love to work with Jessie again in future!"-Amir Shaikh, CEO of

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