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I work with small business owners, brands, and other entrepreneurs by creating copy that their readers resonate with. It can be difficult when trying to run a business to do everything on your own. Why not simplify your life and hire someone to create your content? I can write copy that suits your needs and reflects your passion. I can educate and sell while remaining genuine. Iā€™m here to help you and your business with original content delivered on time with no hassle. Does any of this sound like exactly what you need?

I specialize in making content for blogs, websites and social media. Content is how people find you online. This is how potential customers find your product or service and ultimately leads to sales. I write original SEO content for blogs and websites that will get shared on social media channels.  

For writing content, I typically charge $0.25 per word. For larger projects, I am happy to negotiate an hourly rate or flat project fee.

Content Production

  • Sourcing photos

  • Editing photos

  • Creating graphics

  • Uploading posts

  • Formatting posts to be published

  • Scheduling posts for publication

  • Adding affiliate links to posts

  • Proofreading posts

  • Editing posts

  • Coordinating with contributors for guest posts

  • Managing the editorial calendar

  • Generating topic ideas

  • Drafting content

  • Topic research

  • Keyword SEO research

Social Media

  • Setting up new pages, accounts, groups etc

  • Promoting new posts on various social media channels

  • Promoting posts of others via social media

  • Sharing images/videos/articles

  • Replying to mentions/messages/comments on social media

  • Designing banners, headers, and backgrounds

  • Growing social media followings

  • Researching popular hashtags for client niche

  • Setting up social scheduling tools such as Buffer, Tailwind, and Hootsuite

  • Writing or updating online business profiles (e.g. Linkedin)

  • Managing online communities (such as Facebook Groups or other online forums)

Blog/Website Management

  • Moderating blog comments

  • Updating plugins

  • Repairing/updating broken links

  • Replying to comments

  • Making SEO improvements (headlines, page titles, content, images, etc)

  • Reporting trends in blog activity, such as hot topics and comment activity

  • Removing unwanted pages and posts

  • Tracking website metrics (e.g. Google Analytics)

Email Marketing

  • Setting up autoresponders

  • Scheduling email campaigns

  • Designing email templates

  • Managing the newsletter

  • Product launch management


  • Leaving comments on other blogs

  • Contacting influencers and potential partners on behalf of the client

  • Participating in relevant groups and forums

  • Reaching out to advertisers for ads or sponsored posts

  • Finding guest post opportunities

  • Lead generation

  • Growing and managing affiliate programs


  • Creating landing pages, and opt-in forms

Feel free to set up a Skype chat below. If you prefer you can simply email me at